General Food Hygiene

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Udgivelsesår: 2009
68 sider
Varenr. 91053-1
ISBN 978-87-7082-090-5

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Almen Fødevarehygiejne - certifikatet - nu på engelsk!

This booklet is an indispensable help for everybody that needs knowledge on the subject of food borne diseases and practical guidelines on how to avoid these diseases.

The following subjects are covered:

  • Legislation and food control.
  • Microorganisms and their growth conditions, including how to limit their growth.
  • Own-check, including risk analysis and critical control points.
  • Own-check of the food, from raw materials though purchasing, receiving, preparing, heat treatment, cold food, cooling, hot holding, to service and serving.
  • Maintenance and also cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Personal hygiene.

The booklet is based on the current legislation concerning food hygiene and is a direct translation of the 19th edition of  "Almen Fødevarehygiejne, Certifikatuddannelsen". Translators: Bettina Dinitzen and Lene Mathiasen.

The booklet was produced for the certificate training in food hygiene, but the target group is also other students, which through education qualifies at a level that corresponds to the demands in the certificate training.



Legislation and foodinspection

Contamination of foodstuff

To inhibit the growth of microorganisms

Course of disease by infection of different pathogenic microorganisms


Raw food


When the goods are received

When the raw food is prepared

Heat treatment

Cold food

Cooling down


Service and serving


Cleaning and disinfection

Personal hygiene

Extracts from legislation

List of terms

Keyword index

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